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How to connect to Ubuntu Desktop using NX client

Before we start we must enable the desktop. Login to the client area and navigate to the reboot / power page. Click 'rebuild' from the menu on the right and select the desktop ostemplate from the rebuild page.

Clicking confirm rebuild will erase all data and the box will be installed new.

When the box is rebuilt we are ready to connect.


  1. First download the free NX client here: http://www.nomachine.com/download.php
  2. Install client to your home computer
  3. Input the username, password and site address you receive in the welcome email in the 'login', 'password' and 'session' fields respectively
  4. Click configure
  5. Under the General tab, make sure unix > gnome is selected
  6. Under advanced tab, make sure encryption is enabled
  7. Under the services tab, enable multimedia support
  8. Connect!

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